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Yoga by the Ocean


The Health Experts

Integrative Nutrition Certification (IINHC)
Positive Psychology Certification (University of Pennsylvania)
Yoga Alliance Certification
Science of Wellbeing Certification (Yale University)
Food and Nutrition Certification (Stanford University)

Team: Team
Tropical Party

MICHELLE ANIXTER                                       (PHOTO COMING SOON)

Certified Health Coach

I love food! I love cooking it, eating it, and the social, communal power it has to bring people together.  But, health problems forced a change in our family and kickstarted a new life for us all. We learned first hand that food can be medicine that heals us, and some foods can dangerously harm us; and those responses are distinctive based on our bio-individuality. During this stressful and emotional process, I was losing my love for food and the personal and social enjoyment that came with it. I was determined to find a way to infuse joy into living healthier, and developed a passion for holistic nutrition. Implementing this fresh perspective changed our lives dramatically. Radically improved health, revitalized energy, and reignited laughter at the dinner table, sparked a mission in me to help others on their path to feel better, look better, and live better too.

Tropical Party

CARIN SUSSHOLZ                                           (PHOTO COMING SOON)

Certified Health Coach

I have always loved to cook and create in the kitchen. To me, food is not only sustenance, but also a joyous commonality that brings people together. I spent years teaching cooking classes, which was my way of sharing my love of all things culinary. I decided to expand my breadth of knowledge around nutrition and wellness. I wanted to intelligently answer the questions I was asked most frequently, "how can I improve my own health?" and "what should I eat?" I have learned that every body is unique and there is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach to diet. All food, including those that positively impact health, should be part of an experience we savor and enjoy. All food should be delicious, social, nourishing to both our bodies and our souls. I hope to spread this philosophy and help others embrace the notion that we should all love to eat and eat the things that love us back.

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