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Testimonials: Team



After we left the doctor's office with a multiple food allergy diagnosis for my 4 year old son, my head was spinning. I was still trying to recover from our experience in the emergency room from a near fatal reaction. I was worried about more reactions and how to keep my son safe. Was my kitchen safe? How do we educate ourselves, our family, and friends? What's the emotional/mental/social impact this could have on him, on our family? Our allergist directed us to Triad Newtrition for help. Michelle and Carin rescued us. They were our source of priceless knowledge, support, and planning. I can't imagine what we would have done without their help. There was nothing we could do about the diagnosis, but arming ourselves with the guidance of Triad Newtrition was invaluable! Thank you Michelle and Carin!


Triad Newtrition was absolutely amazing in working with our son. He's a competitive athlete and has needed to improve his nutrition for years as he's gotten older. He had a very limited diet but Michelle's approach and program were incredible. For the first time in his life he was excited to try new food and actually started to eat fruits and vegetables for the first time. Triad understands the challenges for young kids to change their eating habits and were extremely patient and sensitive in the process. They focused on the mental approach as well. They even got him a cameo from one of his favorite athletes for extra motivation. The first step is wanting to make a change and he is now thinking about his health and working on it daily. We can't thank Triad enough for the care and detail they put into his program. This has truly been a game changer as we are already seeing results.

- Proud parents


Needing emergency heart surgery was a wake up call. My cardiologist told me I needed to make changes to my lifestyle and lose weight with urgency.  I didn't know where to begin or what to do, and I was overwhelmed. Fortunately, I found Triad Newtrition. Triad taught me how to lead a more productive life through eating the right foods and exercise. Triad was an incredible source of knowledge and support for me during this stressful and transformative time. The results have been profound. I feel significantly better, and I look so much better too. I've lost over 35 pounds and my overall health has improved dramatically! I've even been able to decrease medications I was taking for other health issues. I highly recommend Triad Newtrition, and so does my cardiologist.


Our child was forced to go on a strict elimination diet for medical reasons. Michelle and Carin were the perfect partners to help us navigate this difficult terrain. The elimination diet was so much easier with their help. They taught us about the condition, how to eliminate food triggers, meal prep, recipes and everything in between. Since Triad Newtrition is such a force of knowledge and experience, we were able to follow the plan and IT MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Within two weeks the symptoms faded. A life-changer! I can't thank Triad Newtrition enough!


Having food allergies has been really hard. Triad Newtrition helped guide me through the process of learning how to eat safely. Dealing with these concerns has been so scary. Michelle and Carin had me covered. There were so many things they taught me about being prepared, what to look for and different situations I'll be facing. I'm also preparing to go to college. Michelle and Carin helped me develop a plan for college and taught me how to use an app to help me navigate my allergies. The app is awesome! Triad was the perfect fit to make me feel in control. They really understood what was happening and what I was going through. Anyone going through this should hire Triad Newtrition.

What does one say about a team of two women that get her kid eating broccoli, and asking for more? Michelle and Carin are simply the best! Your company came along at a time of deep frustration for me with a lack of what to prepare for meals. The time, effort, and creativity they put into helping me with my daughter's IBS, Low FODMAP, dairy, nut, gluten free diet has been beyond helpful. They have opened up a new world of healthy smoothies, muffins, vegetables, and turkey burgers for us. All of the recipes were safe and specific to my daughter's needs and preferences. I use their recipes on a daily basis and the cooking food prep demonstration that Carin did was amazing and delicious. Carin and Michelle are a dynamic duo and I look forward to working with them again in the near future.



I have struggled with EoE, IBS, and GERD for the last 5 years, having constant flare-ups, and periods of major health decline. Michelle and Carin have helped me put the flare-ups behind me by shifting my diet to one that is healthy for ME. Through their help, I have been able to mitigate my symptoms, eat a healthier diet, and as a bonus I lost over 15 pounds. I don't know what I would have done without them.Their thoughtful, personalized approach, along with their ability to listen and empathize with my challenges made working with them an incredible experience. I would recommend them to anyone needing to get healthier.



Thank you to Michelle at Triad Newtrition for helping me to get back on track after several months of quarantine eating and drinking.  I ordered the two week detox/reboot program which was the perfect choice! I learned so much about choosing the right foods and that I liked them more than I thought possible. The notebook full of tips and recipes was incredibly helpful and I will continue to refer to it often. I lost 7 pounds in 13 days and hope to lose more as I continue on my health journey. I highly recommend this program for those who need a few tweaks.



I hired Triad Newtrition to present in front of a group of seniors at a local retirement community. Due to Covid-19, we could not do the lecture in person but they quickly shifted gears with no hesitation and made the lecture virtual. They went above and beyond in making sure the lecture was informative, educational, interactive, and entertaining. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.


Our 13-year-old son was struggling with his body image. He is also an athlete, with an intense practice/ training/game schedule that left him hungry and eating on the run. He was self-conscious, feeling chubby, somewhat uncomfortable in his own skin, and stuck in an awkward adolescent transitional stage. Triad Newtrition provided an extremely positive transformative experience for him. They understood how to support him emotionally, allowing him to build his confidence while integrating healthy eating habits that fit his schedule. Carin taught him how to make meals and snack choices. She taught him how to fuel his body with whole, unprocessed foods. He's leaner and his confidence has blossomed. We are so grateful to Carin and Michelle for their guidance, patience and all the tools they provided our son. They devoted meticulous attention to our son, and we couldn't be happier with our Triad experience. Thank you, Triad Newtrition! You are amazing and we highly recommend you!

-North Shore Mom and happy customer!

Michelle and Carin have been incredible for my son. Quarantine did a number on him. He lost 10 pounds from his already thin frame. With college on the horizon he was feeling anxious about being under weight. From the moment he began his counseling with Michelle, I could see a change in his demeanor. Not only was she addressing his eating habits, but she was helping him take ownership of his own healthcare routine. Together they designed a workout regimen. She taught him how to gain weight while eating healthy and checked in with him several times a week to see how he was doing. He has gained 14 pounds in 6 weeks! His confidence changed before our very eyes. Carin came over, with mask on, ready to teach him (I learned a few tips as well) how to prepare simple, healthy and delicious meals at college. She patiently taught him how to make 2 types of chicken dishes, omelettes and avocado toast. Everything was amazing- he's even cooked for our entire family! Thanks to Triad Newtrition, my son has developed the skills to take charge of his own healthy lifestyle and learned valuable lessons that will last him a lifetime!


Triad Newtrition has changed my life. Michelle was wonderful to work with. She was very timely, professional and knowledgeable. Michelle was genuinely interested in my experience and was an invaluable resource at helping me to tackle the low FODMAP challenges. After years of IBS, colonoscopies, endoscopies and countless other tests I now know the source of my issues. By eliminating two foods from my diet I have been restored to normal habits and feel better than I have in years.


Carin and Michelle are such a pleasure to work with. They are informative and detailed. Their passion definitely comes through. I enjoy that they encompass all aspects of health and wellness and teach about health at a deeper level. That it's your overall health that matters; how you manage your mind, deal with stress, what you eat, and how you move, are all important components to a healthy lifestyle.

-The Sheridan at Green Oaks, Director


2020 has been the most challenging year. On top of Covid, my dad received a terrible diagnosis. I had physical symptoms of anxiety for the first time in my life. I knew I had to ramp up my physical exercise, my spiritual learning/practices, and my emotional relationships. What I did not know is how important the nutritional piece would be to my wellness. Triad Newtrition was the missing piece of the puzzle. The plan literally feeds my soul. My new way of eating has made me happy as well as healthy. It's truly a gift to my body. Everything is delicious as well as nutritious. To say I am always satisfied is an understatement. Thank you Carin and Michelle for the missing piece of the puzzle.

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